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Regulatory Compliance and SWIFT Messaging

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Delivering Value

K-Consultants delivers high quality consultancy advice and software to the Financial sector. We are very competitive in the field and always aim at delivering more value for the money. Our main focus is to give you the best return on investment.

Consultants often have the important role of laying the basis on which projects are built, by defining the needs and giving the direction in which solutions are headed.  That is why we collaborate with strategic solution providers to provide you with the perfect solution each time.

K-Consultants is based in The Netherlands with consultants throughout Europe. We are a young company with people who have extensive experience with SWIFT and other related financial software. Besides consultancy we provide to banks, traders and cooperatives, we also offer various software solutions from our partners. Different solutions, same consultancy team!


High Quality

Strategic Solution Provider

NEW SWIFT Standard Release for PROWIDE Core Open Source already available for support subscribers!

Get your support subscription now to secure your production system and take advantage of the early standards release each year.

SWIFT Registered Provider

MyBank Registered Integrator

Besides the open source, Prowide offers several solutions build around it

  • In the form of APIs with an SDK that is complemented by many different modules
  • In the form of a GUI, which is a complete EAI platform with many features that not only caters for SWIFT messages, but other types of format as well.

Finally, Prowide also offers dedicated support for the open source version that also include customer code integration. For more information about this type of support and its advantages, see the dedicated Prowide Support page.

Global Distributor of Prowide Solutions

Functionalities include:

  • MT/MX Translation
  • Any Format to MT/MX
  • Semantic/Custom MT/MX Validation
  • SWIFTNet Accord Matching
  • Trade Matching
  • Duplicate Matching

Our Customers:

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